June 10-12, 7am-6pm

End of Year Student Material Pick-up and Drop-off:

We will have the school open for families to send a representative in to pick up and return student materials on June 10th-June 12th.  You will be allowed entry through the lobby doors between the hours of 7am-6pm.

  • Student materials will be in labelled bags outside of their classrooms.

    • Included in the bags: student personal items from the classroom, class t-shirt, report card (if all work has been handed in), unified arts projects, end of year certificates/gifts.

  • Laptop drop off will be in the gymnasium on the stage. You will pick up your student material bag in the gym if you have a laptop to drop off.

    • IF you received a school laptop you will not be able to pick up student materials until the laptop is returned to the school and signed in by the designated staff member.

  • Library Book drop off: for anyone who has library books at home, there will be boxes outside the library doors that books can be placed in. If you do not remember if your child has a book signed out, Ms. Goodrich will email out reminder notices the week of June 1st.
  • Teacher letters and gifts: If you or your child would like to leave a letter or gift for the teacher you can leave it outside the classroom and we will be sure to place it on the teacher’s desk, for the teacher.  Teachers will be in the building the week of the 15th for In-service and I know they would be delighted to get notes and little surprises from their kids and families.  We all miss you so much!

  • We will not be able to store ANY MEDICATIONS at the school over the summer. Please make sure to pick up medications when you pick up belongings. Any medications not picked up will be discarded on 6-15-20.  Nurse Scripture will be at the school on Thursday, June 11th from 1:30pm-6pm for medication pick up.


  • Lost and Found: We will have the lost and found tables set up outside under the canopy during the student material pick-up hours. Please check to see if any of the items belong to your family. Items will be donated after June 12th.

For Everyone’s Safety:

We are requiring all staff to wear masks and abide by our social distancing rules.

When entering our building we ask that you wear a mask or face covering, stay 6 feet apart and please send only one representative from your family to collect your students items.